Robert A. Caro

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

2022 promises to be another eventful year for Bob. The New-York Historical Society exhibit will run throughout the year (and for all time) and will continue to add notes, letters, artifacts, and marginalia from his decades of work as a reporter and biographer. There are unbounded treasures in the Caro archives, and their preservation is a vast resource and inspiration to historians, reporters, and students alike (there’s also a great story waiting to be written about the unique well of documents contained therein).


A documentary is coming too, Turn Every Page, about Caro’s relationship with his longtime editor, Robert Gottlieb. The documentary is directed by Lizzie Gottlieb, and it features a lot of, um, intellectual action (the two Bobs sparring!). I can’t wait to share the sizzle reel with you, as well as information on the film’s premiere later this year. 


Finally, there’s a play about Robert Moses, Straight Line Crazy, written by David Hare, directed by Nicholas Hynton, and starring Ralph Fiennes, opening at the Bridge Theatre in March. Please note: Mr. Caro has no connection to the play (other than, perhaps, providing inspiration for the work).

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The Estate of Joan Didion

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Sonny Mehta Fellowships

Endowed by Gita Mehta

Sonny was both a mentor and friend. No one cared more about supporting authors and their work. The goal of these fellowships, at the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop, is to support aspiring writers from underrepresented countries.


“The Fellowships are driving worldwide interest in the Workshop,” said Director Lan Samantha Chang, “and we are experiencing increases in international applications as a result.”

For those interested in making a contribution to the Sonny Mehta Fellowships, here is a link to the giving page.

Clémence Michallon

Novelist and Journalist for The Independent

Clémence’s debut thriller The Quiet Tenant (coming from Knopf in spring 2023) will be taking the world by storm. Rights to the novel have already been sold in thirty countries. We don’t want to reveal too much about the book right now other than to say that the reading experience leaves one breathless.


We did, however, ask Clémence about the genesis of the book. “I didn’t expect writing a psychological thriller to become my escape hatch in the midst of a pandemic,” she said, “but it did. I think the uneasiness all of us were experiencing crept its way into the narrative. The feeling of being trapped, of life without escape, of this bigger threat we couldn't control. I needed a project, something that couldn't be taken away from me. I’m not sure how healthy an exercise this actually was, but I am happy with the end result, and I hope readers will be too.”


Clémence is a journalist for The Independent. She is also a novelist now, one we will be hearing from for years to come.

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Dani Shapiro

New York Times Best-Selling Author of Inheritance

It has been enormously gratifying to observe the evolution of Dani’s work, and her growing readership, book by book. Signal Fires (coming from Knopf in October), her first work of fiction in fifteen years, is a powerful novel about families and the ties that bind them, and the secrets that can break them.


“All my writing life, I’ve been obsessed with secrets,” says Dani, “Why we keep them, what they do to us, the legacy they leave. Over a decade ago, I was visited by an array of characters, all of whom stayed with me. In Signal Fires, I was finally able to discover their connection to one another – a constellation of lives informed by tragedy, one devastating secret kept, and the resulting path each life takes over the course of fifty years.”


Signal Fires is Dani’s best work to date, a book everyone will be reading this fall, and we can’t wait to share it with you. It will as well be coming to the screen—more news on that in the weeks ahead. Finally: if you haven’t listened to Dani’s podcast, Family Secrets, we recommend you do so now. Season 6 has just dropped, and the first episode is Dani in conversation with Qian Julie Wang.

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