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Author Interview


We view strategic communications for authors and businesses as a 360-degree enterprise. From developing high-profile marketing and publicity campaigns to pitching media on your behalf, we’re fully focused on driving awareness and building your brand.


We work in tandem with authors, agents, and publishers. We offer authors a calendar year of support. This model allows us to act in your interest from the moment of acquisition through publication and beyond. This requires collaboration, creation, execution, and a rigorous review process: for press releases, galley copy, cover design, TI handles, retail landing pages, advertising, marketing, earned media, paid media, social media, book club pitches, tours, event planning, and metadata.


We understand the mechanics of trade publishing. The mistake many authors make when contracting with outside agencies is to hire them well past the point of influence, e.g., by the time your publicist is scheduling media and booking your tour, the horse is already out of the gate. That’s the Bogaards PR difference: we are the horse whisperers of trade publishing, taking care of the horse and offering guidance every step of the way.

We also work with authors beyond book launches. If you're an author with a deep backlist looking for someone to manage your press, social media, and marketing, we can help. 

Bogaards Public Relations is a strategic communications firm specializing in publicity, marketing, and brand building for authors and small businesses.

Author Consultations

You just signed a contract for a book—what’s next? One: get your agent a gift. Two: romance your editor. Three: educate yourself about the industry. We can help with the latter. We’ll let you know what to expect, where to turn for assistance, how to hone professional objectives, and what kind of help you might need to achieve them. We’ll also address the potential for us to work together on your project.

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Author Websites, Digital Marketing, & Social Media

This site? We built it ourselves. And we can help you build yours. In addition to designing a dynamic website, we can help you create a newsletter, launch a blog, and grow a following for your work online through placements on earned media and effective posting on social media.

Crisis Communications

It’s a complicated world out there, and you don’t want to make a mistake or have years of success undone by something you unwittingly said or posted. You’ve invested a lot in your work and sometimes all you’re looking for is guidance or advice on what the next step should be. We’ve helped people navigate all of it—the good and the bad. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call and candid conversation to course-correct—other times, it’s more involved. Outcomes are important. At BPR, we’ll always help you land on your feet.

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Notebook and Pen


We’ve been writing copy and pitches and speeches for three decades. We love to write, and we do it well. If you have something you want to say—we’ll help you find the right words to say it.

PR for Vermont Businesses

We relocated with our families to Vermont and upstate New York after three decades of commuting to midtown Manhattan on NJ Transit and Metro-North (deadening). We came north because we love the land, the communities, the people, and the local businesses, (and because Paul now commutes by ferry across a lake). While much of our past work has focused on promoting books, authors, and publishers, we have developed and launched other businesses and guided restaurateurs on projects including television series. If you are a Champlain Valley business in search of public relations guidance, we would love to meet with you. Helping Vermont organizations is a priority for us.

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