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Why do you work on a calendar year model?

A calendar year provides the most benefit to our clients. A year gives us time to plan and execute and advocate on your behalf. Most importantly, a year gives us time to do the work that is required to ensure the success of your book and/or business. We began Bogaards Public Relations with one goal: to do excellent work on behalf of clients. And we will only accept clients/scope of work projects that allow us to support client endeavors in a meaningful way. If for some reason your book or business ends up needing more than a year to launch, we are happy to discuss extending our efforts.

How much will it cost to work with you?

Ours is a premium service for authors and businesses. We come to market equipped with a deep well of knowledge, strong relationships with media colleagues, and decades of effective advocacy on behalf of writers and their work.


Our pricing models vary. We’re nimble when it comes to scope of work, and we’re honest about the work we’re able to do on your behalf. You may hear us say “we’re not the right agency for you” because we can’t deliver the outcome you are seeking. We’re also selective about the clients we take on. If we love your writing or your business, we’ll find a pricing model that works for both of us.

Why should authors/businesses work with you (or agencies in general)?

If you’re an author who has just signed a book contract, it’s important to understand what the advance you have received is and what it is not. It is a statement of affirmation. It is not a guarantee of future success. It’s called an advance for a reason: it’s an advance against future earnings. If your book doesn’t earn out, where does that leave you? Trade publishing is an industry that places an enormous emphasis on earnings history. If your earnings history is subpar, it can be problematic for your future.

So you may want to consider setting aside some of your advance monies to work with an outside agency. Doesn’t have to be us, but it should be someone. There are companies doing good work out there, we know all of them, and are happy to offer suggestions.


Do some research. Look for an agency with a good track record and a commitment to excellent work.  Also (very important): find an agency that is not starved for bandwidth (this is an endemic problem in the publishing industry). One of our core beliefs at Bogaards Public Relations is devoting the appropriate amount of time to every client and project.


We’re also fun to work with—and believe there should be more emphasis on fun and joy in the work we do.


All as a way of saying, reach out. We’re always happy to hear from writers and businesses. 

What are your hours and where are you located?

We love the work we do. But we also value our lives outside of work. We’re up and at ‘em early, but we try to end our day by 5 PM, and with an appropriate beverage in hand (a Vermont IPA for Paul and a cup of green tea or a glass of wine for Stephanie). We also take breaks for lunch (nourishment for the body) and to walk Tigger, the cabin dog (nourishment for the soul). We’re available for client calls on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays—with Mondays and Fridays reserved as “big think days.” Our aim is to consistently deliver our best work, and an integral part of delivering great work is arrived at by living a balanced life. Also to note: we are fully remote. We work in upstate New York and Vermont. We travel to clients when necessary and welcome them in the north country as well because we love introducing people to our lovely states and the Champlain Valley.

Who is in your support network?

We have a network of experts that we work with, depending on project needs. But as we launch our company, it’s two people, Paul Bogaards and Stephanie Kloss, whose expertise you will be accessing.

Results, Not Promises

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